Lazy H Retreat Bid Criteria and Instructions

General Instructions:

  1. (If applicable) The Contractor must meet all county and State licensing requirements. This also requires that proof of adequate liability insurance and workmen’s compensation coverage be provided.
  1. The Contractor must obtain all required building permits prior to starting work.
  1. All workmanship must conform to the Owner’s guidelines, county codes, state codes, federal codes, National industry Codes, trade standard, and be of acceptable quality.

Bid Criteria:

  1. A refundable bidding bond is required to be submitted with each and every formal bid proposal equal to 5% of the bid or $5,000.00USD whichever is greater. All bid bonds shall be returned to non-winning bidders within 90 days of selecting successful bidders.
  1. A Performance Bond shall be required by all successful bidders within 7 days of our acceptance of your bid by electronic notice to the electronic mail address you have on file with your bid. Failure to provide the Performance bond Equal to 100% of your bid shall result in the forfeiture of your bid bond and we will select the next bid to replace you.
  1. All bidders shall provide proof that State Workers Compensation Laws are complied with. No work is allowed by any individual, person, Company, employer, agent, contractor, subcontractor, entity of any kind or employees of any of these without first providing said insurance.
  1. All bids submitted shall be in sections and sub sections. For instance;
  1. Structure 1,
  2. Roof, all roofs shall be bid for coating with a LineX style coating and seamless gutters with gutter guards,
  3. Soffit,
  4. Exterior trim and paint, (life time paint)
  5. Interior, room by room,
  6. Floors,
  7. Bathrooms,
  8. HVAC,
  9. Plumbing & fixtures,
  10. Electrical and fixtures,
  11. Appliances,
  12. Doors and windows,
  13. Out buildings,
  14. Garage,
  15. Porch/patio,
  16. 200’x200’ area around structure for drainage, landscape, cactus removal. This would be for all structures.
  1. Bids for removal of all brush, dead trees, cedar, and cactus shall be for the entire property.
  1. All stumps shall be 6” below grade or removed.
  2. All wood shall be mulched to a fine grade not twigs chips or chunks.
  3. All cactus shall be removed at its base with base to be sprayed with ________ and all removed cactus shall be disposed of offsite. (Must have State chemical applicators license)
  1. Bids for roads shall include grinding rock, culverts in water crossing, any cut and fill, asphalt and/or concrete, cattle guards.
  1. Bids for Dams shall bid individually and may be combined as a total. Use your imaginations. Provide a low cost bid option and then provide an upgrade option wherein the dam looks like a natural rock feature with a waterfall from on to the other using stone from the property. Include an option to add continued water flow from river to further most pond.
  1. Fence shall be Game fence around the perimeter of the property. (at the river the fence will be set on top of the ridgeline not on the river banks)
  1. Informal bids should be based off of the photos provided online prior to submitting a formal written bid for any portion of the project.
  1. We may be scheduling a time during the first week of June for prospective bidders to view the prospect in person.
  1. Time and Material bids and Man and Machine bids may be submitted but shall include an estimated number or hours to complete each task together with a timeline, a materials list, equipment total time usage estimate, and dates equipment usage schedule with hours per day or day rate of man and machine.
  1. Formal Bids will be accepted any time and we reserve the right to accept or reject any and all bids. We reserve the right to Accept or reject bids for any portion of the project. We may close Bidding at any time prior to the Date we stipulate.
  1. Final date to submit Bids shall be on June 15th at 5:00pm.
  1. Selection on Winning Bidders shall be announced on June 22nd 2015 at 1:00pm.
  1. Bid forms, Performance Bond forms and sample contract terms are available upon request.
  1. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.